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Featured on ABC NBC CW Telemundo Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!


The day after Sandra officially left the corporate world, she and her husband Ricardo decided to travel and relax for a few days. During the second night of their trip, Sandra went to their beachfront hotel’s patio to enjoy the beautiful night and meditate on her new life as an entrepreneur.

As the fresh breeze touched her face and she enjoyed the soothing sound of the ocean that once terrified her, she contemplated the sky full of stars.

Suddenly, Sandra wondered which of the constellations was the Milky Way.  She had never learned astronomy, she reflected, pondering on her biggest strengths, her true nature, and passions... what mattered most to her.

The word “protect” popped into Sandra’s head and then she said, “Way to Protect.”  And in the next moment, Way2Protect LLC was born.

Way2Protect - Sandra Estok, Happily Ever Cyber!

Way2Protect Mission

To change the way we perceive this cyber world. We simplify cyber safety, leveraging our personal stories that relate and connect us.

Way2Protect Vision

To Live Happily Ever Cyber!

A world where you thrive using your technology. A world where you feel inspired and encouraged. A world where you are in charge to Protect yourself Against Hackers, Scammers and Cybermonsters. A world where you have Peace of Mind Online.

Way2Protect™ values and commitments are to:

  • 1. Choose happiness no matter what, even if we are facing tough times.

  • 2. Take action. Dreams and declarations are important, yet it is our actions that make them possible.

  • 3. Inspire and encourage our customers, our partners, our employees and our communities to change the way we perceive this cyber world.

  • 4. Foster integrity. Honesty, open communication, authenticity, and loyalty are the pillars for everything we do.

  • 5. Create win-win partnerships. Our partners, vendors and sponsors align with our commitment to protect individuals, communities and the environment.

  • 6. Thrive together. Being a reliable, responsive, engaged, and fun team, focused on protecting what matters most to you.

  • 7. Be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Grateful!

Way2Protect offers consulting services in the fields of:

Cybersecurity awareness
Data Privacy programs
Internet security consultancy

Cybersafety training for women
Computer security consultancy
Cyber training for Social Media

Way2Protect offers training in the fields of:

Cybersecurity Awareness for Corporate employees
Cybersecurity Awareness for Manufacturing
Data Privacy basics
Cybersafety Training

In addition, Sandra and her team offer custom consulting services to help corporations leverage their employee’s personal stories to fully connect and engage with their Security Awareness Programs.

In just one consulting session, the Way2Protect Team can:

  • Complete a pre-assessment to tailor the session and meet your learning and training objectives beyond just checking the compliance box
  • Review your Training and Awareness strategy and provide specific ways in which you can make your Security Awareness and Data Protection programs more compelling and relatable through storytelling
  • Oversee your training program messaging and branding design both online and offline

To learn more about our coaching and consulting programs, contact