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Hi, I'm Sandra.

MBA, GIAC-GSLC, CIPM, founder of Way2Protect®

I use my 20+ years of experience in the cybersecurity, technology and data privacy industries, along with the nightmare of my identity theft to help my community overcome the fears of the cyber world so you can protect what matters most to you against hackers, scammers and Cybermonsters.


To change the way we perceive this cyber world. We simplify cyber safety, leveraging our personal stories that relate and connect us.


To Live Happily Ever Cyber!
A world where you thrive using your technology. A world where you feel inspired and encouraged. A world where you are in charge to Protect yourself Against Hackers, Scammers and Cybermonsters. A world where you have Peace of Mind Online.

You can take charge of your cyber safety and live Happily Ever Cyber!

Mission Statement

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  • 20-plus-year multicultural and cross-functional career in the US, Latin America, and Europe in Cybersecurity, IT and Data Privacy Industries

  • Held numerous positions in Fortune 500 companies, private and public organizations

  • Her first book, Happily Every Cyber, became #1 International Bestseller upon release, winning the IAN Book of the Year Award in 2020, the International Book Award, and the Next Generation INDIE Book Award

  • Cyber Literacy book series for children features fairytale stories kids already know and love to learn safety concepts

  • Inner Cyber Course: Nominated for the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Cybersecurity Training and Educational Platform category.

  • A guest speaker on prominent platforms and podcast shows.

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Hackers, Scammers and Cybermonsters?

Cyber Mindful Podcast

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Inner Cyber Course

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Happily Ever Cyber! Book Series

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Our offerings are highly practical and tailored to empower individuals, families, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to promote cyber literacy, share information, and fight against Cybermonsters to minimize ID theft, phishing, malware, cyberattacks, fraud, spams, and more. Way2Protect simplifies cybersecurity using practices and personal stories that relate and connect with our clients. All our services are offered in English and Spanish.

Way2Protect™ values and commitments are to:

Way2Protect offers consulting services in the fields of:

Live or Virtual Speaking

Virtual Webinars

eLearning Courses

Train the Trainer Programs

Risk Assessments

Mindfulness Coaching

Way2Protect offers training in the fields of:

Strategy Consulting

Master Classes

Books & workbooks

Book based workshops

English & Spanish

Personalized Cybersecurity Plans

In just one consulting session, the Way2Protect Team can:

Complete a pre-assessment to tailor the session and meet your learning and training objectives beyond just checking the compliance box.

Review your Training and Awareness strategy and provide specific ways in which you can make your Security Awareness and Data Protection programs more compelling and relatable through storytelling.

Oversee your training program messaging and branding design both online and offline.

Our Certifications:

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