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Meet Sandra Estok


The cyber safety and cyber security expert, author, speaker, and corporate trainer.

MBA, GIAC-GSLC, CIPM, Founder of Way2Protect™ began her career in her home country of Venezuela, where she overcame incredible odds to climb the ladder of the cybersecurity, IT, and Data Privacy industries.

Today, she boasts a 20-plus-year multicultural and cross-functional career in the US, Latin America and Europe in these fields.

Sandra has held numerous positions in Fortune 500 companies, private and public organizations, and has developed and deployed capability, training and awareness programs, focusing on the why, the what and the how of cyber threats, its dangers, and solutions, both in the public and private sector, and as an independent consultant.

Sandra’s personal story of recovering from the nightmare of identity theft inspired her to teach you how to overcome the fear of the cyber world and protect your family, your business, and your data online.

Because Sandra believes that together we can change the way we perceive the cyber world and live Happily Ever Cyber!, she started writing her inspiring book series of the same name. Her first book became a #1 International Bestseller upon release and won three awards in 2020 including the Indie Book Awards.

Sandra’s new Cyber Literacy book series for children four to seven years old, features fairytale stories kids already know and love to learn safety concepts. Parents, grandparents, relatives, and children can have cyber happy times together. She is confident that children are the solution to cybercrime, because when kids become cyber savvy it helps to keep them safe from Cybermonsters and predators online.

Expanding on her product and services, Sandra developed her online course Inner Cyber, and she teaches how to stop being afraid of making the mistakes that could endanger your family or business. The course teaches the basic concepts about cybersecurity, cyber safety, cyber crime and identity theft in an engaging way that increases your cyber confidence.  

Sandra also offers consulting services and workshops to teach women to take charge of their cyber world with confidence and find peace of mind online incorporating practices that reduce stress, anxiety and fears when it comes to technology.

Sandra’s consulting company, Way2Protect™, was founded to fulfill a simple yet power purpose, Sandra's WHY: Using her skills to promote Cyber Safety Mindfulness.

Protect Against Hackers, Scammers, and Cybermonsters™ is a phrase coined by Sandra herself to describe those behind data breaches, identity theft and cybercrime.

Choosing happiness is the focus of Sandra’s life, her family, her health, her relationships, and her business.

Sandra is passionate about yoga, cycling, and working out. She enjoys the outdoors every opportunity she has, she has relearned how to cook using natural ingredients and she has recreated all her favorite recipes into healthier alternatives. Sandra lives in the U.S.A. with her husband, Ricardo.

To learn more about booking Sandra as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, or media personality in the topics of cybersecurity, IT, and Data Privacy, visit her speaking page.