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With tips to help prevent a cyber attack protecting your family, work environment and yourself:


Find out how to push Cybermonsters away from your private data

With tips to help prevent a cyber attack protecting your family, work environment and yourself:


Push Cybermonsters away from your private data.

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Push Cybermonsters away from your private data.

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Way2Protect becomes your fundamental ally in your digital world, providing you with hassle-free security and adapting cybersecurity practices to your routine without sacrificing your time. We facilitate the process, guiding you in the implementation of effective cybersecurity practices to protect your family, your business, and your work teams.

Why choosing us?

In a world full of digital distractions, we understand the importance of cultivating a healthy balance. At Way2Protect, our mission is clear: to be your trusted guide to a conscious and protected online experience, both for you and for what you value most: your family, your business, and your peace of mind.

Way2Protect becomes your fundamental ally in your digital world, providing you with hassle-free security and adapting cybersecurity practices to your routine without sacrificing your time. We facilitate the process, guiding you in the implementation of effective cybersecurity practices to protect your family, your business, and your work teams.

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What are the best cybersecurity industry reports

January 29, 202414 min read

Are you new to cybersecurity or feeling swamped with the demands of your cybersecurity role? Maybe you're someone who just wants to stay updated with technology and cybersecurity trends. Keeping up with all the research and information can be tough. When I started in cybersecurity, I wished for a simple guide that provided the key information I needed to grow my technical skills and understand new trends.

This blog post will look at the top cybersecurity reports from 2023 and prepare you for what's coming in 2024. Let's get started!

I rely on various industry reports to stay informed. I find them extremely helpful because they gather and summarize all the important information. These reports not only educate and inform us but also help us make better decisions in our personal and corporate cybersecurity strategies. I'll share some of my favorite reports from 2023 and discuss their key points and what we need to remember for a proactive approach to Cyber-Self Defense. When we take personal responsibility for how we use technology, we can make the changes we want to see and stay ahead of threats.

First up is the Javelin Report 2023 on Cyberbullying and Child ID Theft. While preparing for a speaking engagement on this subject, I found the connection between cyberbullying and identity theft particularly striking. So, let's explore this in more detail.

identity theft

2023 Cyberbullying and Child ID Theft (Link)

The "2023 Cyberbullying and Child ID Theft" report from Javelin highlights the growing risks children face online, particularly from cyberbullying and identity theft. It reveals that children active on social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook are increasingly targeted. 

The report finds a strong correlation between cyberbullying and subsequent fraud or identity theft, with children in affluent households being particularly vulnerable. It emphasizes the need for greater awareness among parents and guardians regarding the risks of social media and the importance of including children in identity protection services. The report also suggests that financial institutions should play a key role in educating and providing tools for cyber self-defense to families.

The three key takeaways from the "2023 Cyberbullying and Child ID Theft" report are:

  • Increased Risk on Social Media: Children active on platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook are at higher risk of cyberbullying and identity theft.

  • Link Between Cyberbullying and Identity Theft: There's a notable correlation between cyberbullying experiences and subsequent identity theft or fraud, especially in affluent households.

  • Need for Parental Awareness and Action: Parents and guardians must be more aware of the risks of social media and include children in identity protection measures. 

Action to Take: It's essential for parents to educate their children about online safety, monitor their social media usage, and consider enrolling them in identity protection services. Additionally, financial institutions and educators should provide resources and tools to help families in cyber self-defense. Our Cyber Literacy Series is an excellent resource for families, communities, schools to learn about cyber safety practices in an engaging way. I invite you to check it out here. 

cyber crime

The next reports are a summary of cybersecurity and cyber crime in 2023 and were published towards the end of the year. 

NSA 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review (Link)

The "NSA 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review" report covers several significant aspects of cybersecurity. Key highlights include:

  • Partnerships for Cybersecurity: Emphasizes the importance of collaborating with industry and international partners to enhance cybersecurity efforts and counter global threats.

  • Combatting Sophisticated Malware: Details the identification and mitigation of advanced cyber threats like the Russian 'Snake' malware and Chinese state-sponsored cyber activities.

  • Advancements in AI and Quantum-Resistant Cryptography: Focuses on the establishment of the NSA Artificial Intelligence Security Center and efforts towards transitioning to quantum-resistant cryptography.

  • Support for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB): Illustrates the support provided to the DIB, including cybersecurity services and strategies to counter nation-state threats.

  • Strengthening Critical Networks: Highlights NSA's role in protecting national security systems and operational technology from cyber threats.

The report emphasizes the NSA's proactive stance in cybersecurity, the importance of international collaboration, and the need for continuous adaptation to emerging technologies and threats.

CISA Year Review 2023 (Link)

The CISA Year in Review 2023 report provides a comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity landscape, focusing on significant threats and advancements in cybersecurity measures. The report includes detailed analysis and statistics on cyber incidents, highlighting the efforts by CISA to combat these threats. It emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts between government and private sectors to enhance national cybersecurity resilience.

Key takeaways include the need for continuous vigilance, investment in cybersecurity infrastructure, and the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing cyber threats. The report also underscores the evolving nature of cyber threats and the critical role of CISA in national cybersecurity initiatives.

Actions to consider include strengthening cybersecurity protocols, staying informed about emerging threats, and engaging in collaborative efforts for enhanced cyber defense.

ISACA - State of Cybersecurity 2023 (Link)

The "State of Cybersecurity 2023" report provides an insightful overview of current trends and challenges in the cybersecurity landscape:

  • Workforce Challenges Persist: The report highlights the ongoing issue of staffing shortages, particularly in non-entry-level positions, emphasizing the gap between the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals and the available talent pool.

  • Erosion of Employer Benefits: There is a noted decrease in employer-provided benefits like tuition reimbursement and recruitment bonuses. This trend could impact the retention of cybersecurity talent and the attractiveness of cybersecurity roles.

  • Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Soft skills remain a significant gap among cybersecurity professionals. The report also points out the need for more robust technical skills, particularly in areas like cloud computing and network operations.


These insights reflect the dynamic state of cybersecurity, underscoring the need for continuous upskilling, addressing workforce challenges, and adapting to changing industry requirements.

Actionable steps from the "State of Cybersecurity 2023" report include:

  • Enhancing Training and Education: To address the skills gap, organizations should focus on comprehensive training programs, especially in areas like cloud computing and network operations.

  • Improving Soft Skills: Emphasizing the development of soft skills among cybersecurity professionals to enhance team collaboration and communication. People don’t do what we tell them to do but do what they see us to do. Soft skills and having a Cyber-Self Defense mindset can differentiate and empower others towards a cyber safety practice.

  • Adapting Recruitment Strategies: Organizations need to adapt their recruitment strategies to attract a more diverse talent pool, potentially mitigating the workforce shortage in cybersecurity.

These steps aim to strengthen the cybersecurity workforce and enhance overall industry readiness to face evolving cyber threats.

Throughout the year several other reports and metrics are published. Below is a summary list of the ones I review. What is your favorite industy report?

Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 - World Economic Forum (Link)

  • Summary: This report provides insights into the cybersecurity challenges facing economies and societies globally. It emphasizes the need for collaborative responses to cyber threats and strategic approaches for organizational security.

  • Key Takeaways: The importance of global cooperation in cybersecurity, the evolving nature of cyber threats, and strategies for effective organizational cyber defense.

  • Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023


Deloitte Cybersecurity Threat Trends Report 2023 (Link):

  • Summary: Offers a detailed analysis of cyber threat actors, malware trends, and actionable recommendations for various cybersecurity challenges.

  • Key Takeaways: Identification of emerging threat actors, understanding of current malware trends, and practical recommendations for enhancing cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity Ecosystem in 2023 - Canalys (Link):

  • Summary: Discusses the diverse cybersecurity ecosystem, the ongoing battle against ransomware, and the role of startups in cybersecurity innovation.

  • Key Takeaways: Insight into the cybersecurity market dynamics, strategies to combat ransomware, and the importance of innovation in cybersecurity.

  • Now and Next for the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in 2023

CIS Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023 (Link):

  • Summary: Focuses on identity and access management, cloud security misconfigurations, and the shift in shared responsibility in cloud environments.

  • Key Takeaways: The need for robust identity and access management, importance of addressing cloud misconfigurations, and evolving cloud security models.

Top Cybersecurity Trends of 2023 - Security Magazine (Link):

  • Summary: Highlights the use of generative AI in cybersecurity and the critical role of security awareness training.

  • Key Takeaways: The potential risks and benefits of generative AI in cybersecurity, and the importance of focusing on employee behavior in security training.

80 Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends [updated 2023] - Varonis (Link):

  • Summary: Covers Zero Trust architecture's growing popularity, third-party attack concerns, and the impact of modern privacy laws.

  • Key Takeaways: The effectiveness of Zero Trust in reducing breach costs, the rise in third-party attacks, and the increasing global coverage of privacy laws.

Cybersecurity Trends for 2023 - Security Magazine (Link):

  • Summary: Addresses key trends like cloud security challenges, mobile security threats, IoT attacks, and the use of AI in security efforts.

  • Key Takeaways: The need to enhance cloud and mobile security, the growing threat to IoT devices, and the potential of AI in improving cybersecurity.

2023 Cybersecurity Almanac - Cybersecurity Ventures (Link):

  • Summary: Provides comprehensive statistics and predictions, including the role of women in cybersecurity and top security certifications.

  • Key Takeaways: The increasing participation of women in cybersecurity, the value of security certifications, and IBM's commitment to cybersecurity education.

2023 Data Breach Investigations Report - Verizon (Link):

  • Summary: This report provides an in-depth analysis of recent cyber threats and data breaches, with a focus on external attacks, which account for the majority of breaches. It reveals that breaches often involve the human element, including social engineering, errors, or misuse.

  • Key Takeaways: High prevalence of external actors in breaches, significant role of human errors and social engineering, and the need for enhanced security awareness

2023 Ponemon Institute Report: The State of Offensive Security (Link):

  • Summary: Conducted with Bishop Fox, this report surveys security and IT practitioners on offensive security practices. It highlights the importance of offensive testing, such as Red Teaming and cloud security testing, in improving cybersecurity posture.

  • Key Takeaways: Offensive testing is crucial for achieving security objectives, with a focus on areas like ransomware, social engineering, and cloud vulnerabilities.

2023 Ponemon Healthcare Cybersecurity Report (Link):

  • Summary: This report, in collaboration with Proofpoint, focuses on cybersecurity threats against healthcare facilities. It covers the high incidence of cyberattacks, their financial impact, and the effect on patient safety and care.

  • Key Takeaways: Healthcare organizations face significant cyber threats impacting patient care, with ransomware and supply chain attacks being particularly disruptive.

2023 Global Threat Report - CrowdStrike (Link): 

This report details an increase in cloud exploitation and a rise in access broker ads on the dark web. It notes that eCrime adversaries are becoming faster and more sophisticated, with a significant percentage of attacks being malware-free. The report underscores the importance of cloud security and identity protection.

M-Trends 2023 (Link)

The "M-Trends 2023" report from Mandiant provides comprehensive insights from the frontlines of incident response. Key highlights from the report include:

  • A decrease in global median dwell time to 16 days, indicating quicker detection of attacks.

  • A shift in notification of compromises, with more external than internal notifications.

  • The primary initial infection vectors were exploits and phishing, varying by region.

  • A growing number of attacks motivated by notoriety rather than financial gain.The report emphasizes the increasing aggression and boldness of attackers and the importance of organizations protecting against more personal threats.

Internet Security Threat Report" by Symantec (Link)

The "Internet Security Threat Report" by Symantec, available through Insight, offers an analysis of emerging trends in cyberattacks, malicious code activity, phishing, and spam. It provides insights into the evolving threat landscape and industry-specific security challenges. This report is a valuable resource for understanding the current state of internet security threats and preparing for future challenges.

These reports provide comprehensive insights into current cybersecurity challenges, trends, and strategies. They are essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Am I missing any other report?  Leave me a comment and now let’s explore the trends for 2024!

Report: 2024 MegaTrends (Link)

The "2024 Security Megatrends" report delves into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, focusing on the increasing integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in security measures. It underscores AI's transformative role in enhancing cybersecurity defenses and strategies. 

The report also discusses the evolving perception and importance of security Return on Investment (ROI), highlighting how businesses are increasingly assessing the financial implications and benefits of their security investments. Another key trend is the growing adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, reflecting a shift in business strategies toward more flexible, cloud-based solutions. Additionally, the influence of major technology companies and the consolidation of cloud services are noted as significant factors shaping the future of the security industry. These trends collectively emphasize the need for businesses to adapt to these dynamic changes to stay protected and competitive.

The Evolving Cybersecurity Industry

The cybersecurity industry is witnessing transformative changes, with AI-related trends dominating the sector. Security technologies are not just about safeguarding operations but also about enhancing retail performance and business insights. The integration of generative AI into business strategies is reshaping R&D efforts, reflecting a profound shift in the industry's focus​​.


Here is my interpretation of the Top Cybersecurity Megatrends of 2024:

  • AI and Security: Prioritizing AI's security is crucial, blending AI advancements with cybersecurity. This involves protecting data, intellectual property, and maintaining corporate integrity against cyber threats​​. As AI becomes more central to our digital lives, it's crucial to ensure these systems are safe and ethical. Imagine AI as a personal cybersecurity guard, continuously learning and adapting to protect your digital world.

  • Visual Intelligence: AI transforms video surveillance into "visual intelligence," making cameras multifunctional sensors. This shift offers immense value, turning surveillance systems into platforms for business automation and improving customer experiences​​. In other words, those security cameras you see? They're not just recording videos anymore; they're getting smarter and can understand what they see. Imagine having a smart assistant that not only monitors but also interprets and reacts to potential threats.This shift promises a future where security isn't just about watching; it's about understanding and acting. 

  • Generative AI: This new trend expands AI's applications, including security systems data analysis, content creation, and solving operational challenges. Generative AI adapts to evolving threats, augmenting human decision-making in security contexts​​. Picture AI not just solving problems, but creatively brainstorming security solutions. This means a future where our digital defenses are not just robust but also inventive and proactive.

  • Regulation of AI: AI regulations are emerging, focusing on trust, transparency, and data privacy. This regulatory framework could accelerate AI's development, impacting how the security industry and practitioners adapt and comply​​. With more regulations, AI in cybersecurity can become safer and more transparent. It's like having clear rules for a game, ensuring everyone plays fairly and safely.

  • Expansion of Security’s ROI: Security solutions now offer business value beyond core security outcomes, such as building efficiency and operational ROI. This trend underscores the evolving role of security technologies in business processes​​. In a nutshell, Security investments are becoming more about overall value than just cost. This translates to more comprehensive and effective digital protection strategies, much like investing in a versatile, multi-purpose tool.

  • SaaS and Integration Models: The shift to cloud-based SaaS is redefining the security industry’s business models, emphasizing subscription-based solutions linked to business outcomes​​. In other words, the rise of SaaS in cybersecurity means more accessible and adaptable security tools. It's akin to subscribing to a constantly updated, personalized security service.

  • Impact of Megatech Companies: As big tech firms influence security technologies, expect more advanced, integrated solutions. It's like having a tech giant as a personal security advisor, offering cutting-edge protection.

  • Cloud Consolidation: Fewer, stronger cloud providers could mean more streamlined and powerful cloud security. It’s like consolidating your personal security into a fortified, well-guarded digital fortress. Meaning fewer clouds and bigger impact. 

  • Real Estate Reoptimization: The commercial real estate market's challenges present opportunities for vendors and integrators to link security with efficiency​​. Adapting security to changing real estate usage reflects a move towards flexible, responsive protection in both physical and digital spaces. Imagine a security system that intelligently adapts to wherever and however you work or live.

Each trend points towards a future where cybersecurity is more dynamic, intuitive, and integrated into our daily lives, empowering us to stay a step ahead of digital threats in an ever-evolving landscape.

As we wrap up this exploration of the most impactful cybersecurity reports from 2023, it's clear that staying informed and proactive is key to navigating the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether you're a seasoned expert or new to the field or just want to know a bit more of what happens in cybersecurity so that you are proactive in protecting what matters most to you. These insights are invaluable for fortifying your cyber defenses and staying ahead of hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters and their emerging threats.

Remember, knowledge+action is power in the world of cybersecurity. Embrace these findings, apply them to your strategies, and join us in building a safer digital future. 

Share your thoughts and experiences, and let's continue this vital conversation. For more insights and the latest updates in cybersecurity, keep following our blog. 

Together, we can be the vanguard against cyber threats and champions of digital safety. Stay informed, stay safe, and let's gear up for a secure 2024!


Sandra Estok

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