What is Hacktivism and Who is HaKi-M0, The Hacktivist Monster?

What is Hacktivism and Who is HaKi-M0, The Hacktivist Monster?

Have you read the story of Little Red Riding Hood? I love that fairytale, because it reminds us that Cybermonsters, like the villainous wolf, pretend to be someone we know, like, and trust, in an effort to get close enough to harm us.

Too often, we’re innocent, naïve, and trusting, just like the little girl, not aware we’re dealing with a big bad wolf.  When we find out, it’s already too late, and we end up getting eaten!

While we may not actually get eaten in real life, there are dangers in the cyber world just as terrible as in Little Red Riding Hood’s woods.

What dangers lie in the cyber world?

Our identity could be stolen by a Cybermonster.

A hacker can cause us to lose access to all our precious information.

A scammer can even impersonate us, getting us in trouble with the law!

Knowledge, combined with application, is power, so we’re going to cover the types of Cybermonsters you need to protect yourself from, so you can begin to have power over your cyber world.

Today we’re going to talk about hacktivism and get to know HaKi-M0, the Hacktivist Monster.

What is hacktivism?

Hacktivism is the act of misusing a computer system, computer network, or computer data for political or social motives. Cybermonsters who practice hacktivism are known as hacktivists.

Who is HaKi-Mo, the Hacktivist Monster?

The word “hacktivist” is the combination of  “hacking” and “activist.”

Activists are individuals that promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental causes with the desire to make changes in society.

To hack is to gain unauthorized access to data and systems through extortion.

The HaKi-MO could be an individual or a group that has a social or political mission, such as the freedom of information, human rights, or expressing their opposition to something they believe is wrong.

What is Hacktivism and Who is HaKi-M0, The Hacktivist Monster? - Sandra Estok, Cybersecuirty Expert - Happily Ever Cyber! Way2Protect

The HaKi-M0 is equipped with the same tools and technical capabilities as cybercriminals, but because their goal is to disrupt or bring attention to a specific cause, financial gain is not their primary focus.  The HaKi-MO’s desire is to humiliate and embarrass their victim.

I have seen many cases of innocent people being threatened and blackmailed into silence, while the HaKi-M0 takes what they want, piece by piece.

Now that you know who the HaKi-M0 is, and what they want from you, we can take steps to stop them!

Steps to Protect Your Business Against Hacktivist Cybermonsters 

The following three steps can get you started in reducing the chances of Haki-M0 disrupting your business organization:

Understand the latest security Letter A - Happily Ever Cyber! Sandra Estok Cybersecurity Expert - Way 2 Protect!trends, vulnerabilities and intelligence information on cybersecurity, especially for the specific products and services you use. Major corporations are making this information available to the public so you can take action.

Letter B - Happily Ever Cyber! Sandra Estok Cybersecurity Expert - Way 2 Protect!Keep your devices, systems and websites updated so you close the open holes Hacki-M0 could exploit to enter your organization.

Letter C - Happily Ever Cyber! Sandra Estok Cybersecurity Expert - Way 2 Protect!Train yourself and your employees on how to recognize phishing and scams, and the basics of password protection and cybersecurity.

What questions do you have about the HaKi-M0 or hacktivism? Ask me in the comments below! And stay tuned for future posts, as I expose the scary Cybermonsters that are looking for the best opportunity to attack what most matters to you.

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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