The Naked Truth About The Dark Web

The most dangerous part of internet is the Dark web, Cyber monster uses this as a Powerful weapon. Read the complete article to know more.

The Internet as you know it and use it in your daily life. It is only about 4% of the Internet that actually exists.

Do you know that the Internet is divided into three layers? 

  1. The surface web
  2. The deep web
  3. The dark web

These can all be use for good purposes. However, Cybermonsters love to use all layers of the web for malicious activities and with evil intent.

what is Dark Web

The Cybermonsters

Before we discuss how Cybermonsters use the deep web and the dark web, let’s review who they are:

CyCri-M0 is motivated by financial gain

HaKi-M0” follows a particular cause

InSi-M0” is an insider in your life, family, or business, and 

NaSu-M0” are huge Cybermonsters with unlimited resources.

These purposes are achieved within the different layers of the Internet.

The 3 Layers of The Internet

The surface web:

The surface web is the Internet you and I navigate to connect with family, friends, and businesses. 

Surface web composed of pages we access through our browser and search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing). 

The surface web is where we visit websites, watch videos, do our banking, use social media, play games, and go shopping.

The deep web: 

The deep web made up of pages that are not indexed (meaning it is not accessible through a conventional search engine). Since the information contained in them is often restricted and not intended for public consumption. 

For example, medical records, membership websites, and perfectly legal confidential information are part of the deep web.

The depth of the deep web is more than we can ever imagine, and it gets more dangerous the deeper you get. 

In order to access these pages, you:

  • Need to know the exact link
  • Need a special browser, such as TOR (The Onion Router). which is the most popular portal and was developed in the mid-1990s by the United States Navy. 
  • Need a specific username and password. 

The dark web: 

Technically, the dark web is also part of the deep web. In fact, the dark web estimated to be a tiny fraction of the deep web. Unless you know exactly where to go you can’t get there. 

Not everything is unethical, illicit, or nefarious in the dark web. However, many dark web websites set up by scammers, and are designed to be used for criminal activity.

Cybermonsters can buy and sell credit card numbers, social security numbers, weapons, drugs, sensitive documents, data, and records, usernames and passwords, counterfeit money and much more in the dark web “marketplace”! 

Other practices include, human trafficking, fake college degrees, fake coupons, child abuse, hacking forums, and most of the stolen records in data breaches. 

The Naked Truth About The Dark Web

Is Your Data In The Dark Web?

Whenever a data breach occurs, there are millions of records stolen, and your information could be part of it.

You can’t prevent data breaches from companies that hacked and, as a result, your information may end up in the dark web. 

Take these 3 easy steps to protect yourself:

  1. Change your passwords
  2. Place a freeze in your credit with each credit bureau.
  3. Check out haveibeenpwned website to see if your email is already compromised

Prevent Your Information From Getting On The Dark Web: 

One of the ways you can prevent your information from getting on the dark web, is to never send sensitive information via email or text. I recommend using an encrypted email. 

If you don’t have one and you need to send sensitive information, write it down with the least information possible in a piece of paper and take a picture. Send the picture to the recipient, without providing details about  what this information is for. This is not the best solution but a practical one.

Now that you know about the three layers of the Internet and what the dark web is, what will you do to protect what matters most? Share with us in the comment box below.

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