What is Cybercrime? 


What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime: maybe you’ve heard of the dangers of crime online, or maybe you are skeptical as to what it is. Perhaps you say, “Cybercrime sounds like myth, there’s no way I’m in danger,” or, “I’m safe enough online – I don’t have to learn anything more to be protected.”

Even though it may not be obvious, people like you and me are affected by cybercrime every single day!

But, what exactly is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a criminal activity involving your computer, phone, or any other electronic or network device as well as your email, and social media accounts. 

Crimes in the cyber world could be in the form of fraud, malicious software to hack or harm other people, distribution of pornography, money laundering, extortion, or identity theft.

Identity theft is the use of your personal information without your permission or impersonating you to conduct criminal acts on your behalf.

I’ve had my identity stolen, and I can tell you, it is downright frightening to be attacked by hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters™. It turns your life into a nightmare in many ways, and it takes years to recover from it.

Luckily, there are many things we can do to protect ourselves and our most precious information from Cybercrime and Identity theft. The first key is awareness: understanding the reality of the problem and the potential risk will help you develop sensible practices and change basic habits that can safeguard you on your journey to live Happily Ever Cyber!

It’s like a lock on a diary with your deepest secrets. (I found out how safe those really are when I was a young girl!) The actions we can take to protect ourselves can be incorporated into our daily lives right away, when we travel, when we use our phones, emails or social media channels, so Cybermonsters™ can’t get to us.

Some other actions might require more guidance, tools and details for you to implement them, and that’s why I’m here: to be your guide, providing you with the tools, tips, and ways you can protect what matters most to you.

Have you ever been a victim of cybercrime? Tell us about it below!

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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