These 7 Simple Steps Will Empower Your Cyber Journey

Many people ask me, what steps I took to start my business, Way2Protect.  

I’m going to reveal the seven steps that worked for me. To transition from over 20 years of corporate work to brand new entrepreneur. 

You may not even be able to imagine taking action toward your dream of becoming cyber savvy. Because there is so much fear around it. Or maybe you don’t know how to get started. And that’s how I felt when I jumped in both feet into entrepreneurship. 

As you read about the seven steps. I took to face my fears and pursue my dream. Think about your cyber journey and realize that everything falls into place and that you are not alone!

Your Cyber Journey Starts Here - Way2Protect - Sandra Estok - Happily Ever Cyber

7 Empowering Steps To Start Your Cyber Journey

1. Make the Choice

I was overwhelmed at first with the choices I needed to make, I am glad I used an expert attorney and she helped me navigate this in a simple and practical way. When you think about your online world, all the passwords you have to remember, all the weird emails you receive and all the unknown aspects of your technology, it may feel overwhelming to you, if that is the case, no worries, I am here to help you in your cyber journey; 

2.  Leverage your Network

I explored opportunities as a consultant in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. This step was critical on my journey because financial freedom is important to my family and my goal was to reduce the stress and generate revenue right away in the business.  In the same way I leveraged my professional network to ensure a source of income, if you want to protect your information, leveraging your family or business to support you is an important step to take; 

3.  Jump In

I formally left my corporate job and with that, I left behind my fixed schedule and routine. I opened myself to new possibilities. What is something you would like to leave behind with your technology?

4.  Prioritize:

Even though I didn’t have a fixed schedule anymore, my focus was to fulfil 100% of my consulting contract. I had specific actions I needed to complete, and I was committed to get them done no matter what. In your cyber journey, committing to complete all the actions that keep you protected are a very important step, for example keeping your devices and software updated.

5.  Create a plan: 

I wanted to work with the best experts and top coaches to help me accelerate on my journey, so I created a plan to save money. Having a plan and finding someone with the skills and experience that can help you accelerate becoming cyber savvy can make a big difference to quickly overcome your cyber fears.

6.  Find the WHY: 

I started to network and educate myself on the entrepreneur journey to find my WHY: reading books, taking courses, attending events, joining mastermind groups and coaching programs to figure out what was my true passion and purpose and to sharpening the new skills I needed to build my company. I love the quote from Mark Twain “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out WHY.” And I must confess that public speaking and becoming an author was terrifying. One of the reasons is that English is my second language and the only class I almost failed in high school!, but my WHY is so important that overcoming my fears has become a daily practice.  What is your cyber WHY? Why is it important for you to protect your data, your family or your business?

7.  Build the foundation: 

Building the foundation and structure of my company was key. That means formalizing the mission, vision and values of Way2Protect, putting the systems and processes in place, and finding the best team that can support me in this journey. You know that old saying “nobody can’t make it alone.” It is so true and every day I am super grateful for surrounding myself with the amazing talent that helps me bring our vision to life. Creating your cyber vision, why it matters to you and finding the right person and community that can support your journey with the right content that inspires and encourages you is a great step to begin your cyber journey!

After I connected with my purpose, and established the Way2Protect Mission and Vision, the steps I need to take are becoming clearer and clearer. 

Every day more teachers, mentors, and resources are showing up and I am discovering and learning new ways to make them a reality. Perhaps there might be bumpy times ahead and I am okay with that, because I won’t give up pursuing my WHY. 

I have a strong foundation physically, mentally, and spiritually and I know that I am not alone on this journey. I believe we can create our own reality because we are the architects of our own life. 

Once you connect with your cyber journey and identify the most important areas. You want to protect against Cybermonsters, everything will become clearer and clearer. And what used to be frightening about technology is going to change as you incorporate the resources and new learnings. Remember that you are not alone in this journey!

These 7 Simple Steps Will Empower Your Cyber Journey - Happily Ever Cyber - Way2Protect - Sandra Estok, Cyber Safety

My WHY (Purpose)

Using my skills to promote Cyber Safety Mindfulness

Way2Protect Mission

To change the way we perceive this cyber world. We simplify cyber safety, leveraging our personal stories that relate and connect us to protect what matters most against hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters. 

Way2Protect Vision

To Live Happily Ever Cyber! A world where you thrive using your technology.

When you think about your cyber world, what is one area you wish to improve or change?

What is your biggest fear using technology?

Is there anything holding you back to start your cyber journey? Share your comment below.

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Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

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