3 Ways You Can Put More MEANING Into Your Passwords

How important is your password to you? When you think about how your passwords could be actually keeping your family, your business, and your identity safe, it really shifts your perspective about what your password actually means to you.

3 things you can do NOW to keep your passwords safe:

Because your password is essential to your financial well-being and your peace of mind, I want to share 3 meaningful ways to keep your password safe.

1. Think about the MEANING of your passwords

How much power are you giving a string of characters to PROTECT your accounts? Your passwords are protecting your social media accounts, but also your bank accounts, your confidential data, like medical or finance records.

Your passwords could and will be the one thing stopping a Cybermonster from stealing all your money. They are securing the things you care about. 

3 ways you can put more meaning into your passwords - Sandra Estok - Cyber safety, cybersecurity, way2protect

Some passwords don’t have the same importance as others, but if a hacker or scammer gets ahold of one of your less important accounts, they could eventually make their way to one that is essential. It’s not just about one password. 

2. Use a Phrase with MEANING to Create Your Password

Take a phrase that has an empowering meaning, like “I am positive” or “Great things come to me”, or one that you will remember every day and will help you create a meaningful link. You can take this phrase and mix it up with symbols, numbers, and special characters to create a strong password that will hold up amazingly against cyber attacks.

For further instructions, you can check out chapter two of Happily Ever Cyber! Protect Yourself Against Hackers, Scammers, and Cybermonsters. It talks all about passwords and takes you step by step through how to create yours. 

3. Put MEANING into Changing your Passwords Often

The cyber world is constantly changing, there are new breaches and data leaks every single day! We can’t do anything about them, but we can protect ourselves and our devices from them. Changing your passwords can do just that, and put an extra level of security on your accounts.

Another thing to think about is where you STORE your password. Using your memory can work, but after a while it can get frustrating to try and come up with what password you set for your email, and the I Forgot My Password button can become a well known friend. 

3 ways you can put more meaning into your passwords - Sandra Estok - Cyber safety, cybersecurity, way2protect

One way you may store a password is with a sticky note, like the second little pig from the fairy tale, or a notebook maybe. The issue is that sometimes you won’t remember what account it’s for, or it could easily fall into the wrong hands. 

Luckily, you can use certain tools to store your passwords securely in ONE place, without having to worry about someone accessing them.

We’ll talk more about Password Managers and how they can completely change your online experience – and make it a safer one.

What do you do to keep your passwords safe? I look forward to reading your comments below!

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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