NaSu-M0 Exposed! The All Powerful and Fearless Nation State Monster!

We’re back on our quest to expose the most common Cybermonsters in the cyber world. 

Taking action is one of the core values and commitments of Way2Protect. And when you find out who exactly is behind cyber attacks, identity theft, and cyber crime. You are empowered with the necessary awareness to take action to PROTECT what and whom most matters to you. 

You know how in a fictional story a hero will need to unmask the villain in order to defeat them? That’s why I’m excited to expose NaSu-Mo, the all powerful and fearless Nation State Monster.

Meet NaSu-M0, the Nation State Monster

The NaSu-M0 Cybermonsters are motivated by political, economic, technical, or military agendas. They work to disrupt a specific target, either a country or government, organizations, or individuals to gain access to valuable information.  

As they work to build up their own economics or businesses, Nation State Monsters use stolen intellectual property or valuable information hacked from companies and governments. 

Recently, we’ve seen NaSu-M0’s target shifted toward individual consumers and small businesses because – just like other Cybermonsters – they look for vulnerable and easy entry points to steal critical data.

Because NaSu-M0s are supported by their state officials, they have no fear of legal retribution.  Nation State Monsters are a huge Cybermonster that have access to almost unlimited resources at their disposal, to get what they are looking for.

NaSu-M0 Exposed - Nation State Monster

What do Nation State Monsters want?

NaSu-Mos could be after you or someone you are related to, either personally or in business, that could lead them to confidential and precious information.

What can we do to stop NaSu-Mo?

I am so glad you asked! My purpose is to help you protect you, your family, and your business, so you don’t fall prey or become a victim to hackers, scammers, or Cybermonsters.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Protected Against NaSu-Mo Cybermonsters

  1. Check at least once a week if you have a pending update in your systems, apps and devices, and take prompt action to install them. Cybermonsters can enter through the open holes of outdated programs. Turn on auto-updates, since sometimes they don’t install automatically (especially big-sized updates.)
  2. Be mindful and avoid opening attachments or links you are unable to confirm whether they are safe or not. If you suspect you are facing a NaSu-M0 attack, contact law enforcement.
  3. For more details on government warnings, current security issues, alerts and vulnerabilities, you can visit the National Cyber Awareness System.

Cybermonsters are scary, but cybersecurity doesn’t have to be!  Be sure to subscribe for more updates so I can lead you on the path to becoming Happily Ever Cyber!

How do you feel about Nation State Monsters? Share with us below!

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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