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How to Secure Your Loved Ones from Cybercrime and Identity Theft.

Every 2 seconds there’s a new victim of identity theft. Affecting even children.

Do you remember carrying many devices such as the Walkman, camcorder, calculator, and to make a phone call on the go, use phone-booths? We have come a long way, haven't we?

Even though, technology has solved many inconveniences and allowed us to connect with others across the globe instantly, it hasn’t solved other problems such as bullying and crimes. In fact, they are worse than ever before.

Why is that we get into our cars, lock down the doors, put the seatbelt on and look after the safety of our loved ones. But why aren’t we doing the same to secure our digital life.

Maybe you do, you have strong and unique passwords, and have security software installed in your computer and phone. Is that enough? If that was the case, cybercrime wouldn’t be this significant global issue.

It's Time to Protect from hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters!

You’ll learn the 3 simple choices to help you recognize and stop cyber threats.


When: Thursday November 10th

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What You Will Learn On This FREE Masterclass

Young woman helps an elderly woman to use a computer - Grandmother and her daughter use a laptop at home - Modern technologies and family relationships of different generations

1- Learn one action a day that can keep Cybermonsters away

Mother with children learning computer tablet.

2- Discover why cyber Awareness matters, who are the Cybermonsters and what they want from you. 

African American children watching on laptop, education at home with mom

3- You don’t have to start from scratch! Use simple practices that you already know.