Congratulations and WELCOME to the Inner Cyber Course!

I am thrilled you’re embarking on this journey to take charge of your cyber safety. I am so excited to see how you take all that you learn and build a way to live Happily Ever Cyber!

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You’re officially on your way towards --

  • Learning the basic concepts about cybersecurity, cyber safety and cybercrime in an engaging way so you can feel more confident when you use technology.
  • Incorporating practices to help you reduce your stress and anxiety in your cyber world and bring mindfulness to being online.
  • Finally, you are going to focus on protecting what matters most to you first so you don’t feel overwhelmed in this process.
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You will receive two emails from me. Below are 3 things to do right now:

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  • Second, "Set your password" in the second email from the Inner Cyber Course login credential details. 

*Check the "Read me" document for screenshots and steps to follow. 

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Finally, watch this 2 minute Welcome Video 

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One last thing you need to understand, before you jump into The Inner Cyber program:

While the rewards in store for you are great...becoming cyber savvy is not just about YOU.

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  • Why? Because what you’re going to learn actually affects all the people who need to be safe online. People like...   
    • Your kids and their peers
    • Your spouse, parents, and friends
    • Your clients and business collaborators
    • Your team
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That’s why every minute you invest in incorporating and refining your Inner Cyber Tools benefits both you and them.

So on behalf of everyone who may be safer online because of you - THANK YOU!

Here’s to your success, because this is how everyone can live Happily Ever Cyber!

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