How Mindfulness Can Protect You from Cybermonsters

How Mindfulness Can Protect You from Cybermonsters

Have you ever reached your destination and suddenly realized you can’t remember how you got there? 

Once upon a time in my life I was very distracted. My mind was constantly racing, and I could barely even remember what I ate the day before or what outfit I was wearing. 

I was living on auto-pilot: going from work to school to do homework, then sleeping a few hours and then I was going back to work. This cycle drove me to become completely checked out of my life.

How Mindfulness Can Protect You From Cybermonsters Sandra Estok Cybersecurity - Happily Ever Cyber!

One day, in one of my classes, I heard the word “mindfulness.” What is mindfulness? It is the state of being aware and present. The concept of being present intrigued me so much that I decided to give it a try. I stopped my auto-pilot life and the result years later is living a life full of passion, meaning, and happiness – even when I am experiencing tough times.  

I know you may be wondering, 

“What does mindfulness have to do with cybersecurity?” 

“What does mindfulness have to do with Cybermonsters?” 

“How can mindfulness help protect my personal data?” 

Hackers, scammers and Cybermonsters are waiting for the right opportunity to get to us, and they can easily do what if we are distracted. Just as we do when driving our cars, we can use our phone, computer or electronic devices without paying attention.

With just one click, we could open a link or a file that is infected. When scrolling up and down on social media or online, if we don’t become fully present, our next post could put us at risk because we might share too much personal information. 

What can we do?  

I came up with the “NOW Framework” to help you practice cyber mindfulness:

Letter N - Sandra Estok, Cybersecurity Expert - Happily Ever Cyber! Way 2 Protect

Notice that you always have a choice!  

You, and only you, have control over your cyberworld. Cybermonsters can’t take advantage of you unless you give them the chance to easily access your information.

Letter O - Sandra Estok, Cybersecurity Expert - Happily Ever Cyber! Way 2 Protect

Open your senses! 

Make a conscious decision to be present when you use technology:

Observe what you post on social media and evaluate how your posts could impact your cyber safety.

Pay special attention to emails that urge you to provide personal information or to promptly click on a link or open an attachment.

When answering a phone call, wait two seconds before you say anything – robocalls usually have a small delay.

Letter W - Sandra Estok, Cybersecurity Expert, Happily Ever Cyber! Way 2 Protect   Wait a few seconds! 

When you are about to click on a link, file attachment, or social media post containing a link, simply pause for few seconds and ask yourself these three questions:  

Do I really need to view this information?  

Is there a source website I can visit and get this information, instead? 

Have I tested the link or file to make sure it is safe?

When you are present, you will protect yourself from cyber attacks, you will have a better online experience, and you will enjoy the mental health benefits of mindfulness. 

Imagine your voice being heard without having to worry about Cybermonsters getting their hands on your precious information! 

How are you going to implement the NOW framework? Share with us in the comment section below!

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Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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