Have You Ever Made a Cyber Mistake You Regret?

Have you ever completed an online transaction right after you had an argument with your significant other,  your kids,  parents? Was it out of spite? Anger? Revenge?

Have you clicked on a random link because you just wanted to, after a bad day at your job or after you just felt cranky?

Or have you ever given out your personal information because you were distracted? And the moment you hit enter you regret it.  One paragraph, so moved it up.

Online regret is a reality! I have experienced it a lot and it can trigger negative thinking. Does this happen to you as well?

have you ever made a cyber mistake you regret_ Happily Ever Cyber Sandra Estok

And once you start feeling that regret, these and other thoughts start to fill your mind:

Why did I do that?

How could I be this foolish?

Am I not smart?

Why can’t I get this?

Depending on the situation, there are some practical options to take to save yourself from that regretful decision:

  • You could cancel the transaction right away
  • You could return the items if possible
  • You could even call the vendor or your credit card company to evaluate alternatives. 

However, there are cases when it seems there is nothing you can do about it, then what?

Online regret is really similar to regret in everyday life situations. It’s like all those times I ate a whole cake and stuffed my face with ice cream and then I felt so bad afterwards. I had to suffer the consequences of my actions, whether it was getting a stomachache or feeling bloated.

Can you relate?

For me, sometimes, regret comes so quickly like an avalanche rolling down the mountain. In some moments, when I don’t react in the way I want to or when I don’t address a heated situation in the best way. 

The reality is we can’t always control everything that happens in our life or our cyber world. Yet, we can choose how to react in many situations.

What can you do after making a regrettable online mistake you can’t seem to cancel or take back?

how to fix your cyber mistakes

You can decided to be gentle on yourself, to think and reflect about what happened and why it happened and to create a plan to avoid this in the future. This is what I did the last time I found myself binge eating. 

I turned on my essential oil diffuser and took a few minutes to breathe and contemplate my surroundings.

Reconnecting with myself reminded me why it is so important to remain aware and mindful when we use technology. 

I invite you to decide to use a word that can center you when I make online purchases or transactions. I love doing that and I even put a sticker on my credit card so I will remember it!

What techniques do you use to get “yourself connected” and present when using your technology? Type in the comments below.

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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