7 Cybersecurity Holidays To Celebrate With Your Family

Cybersecurity holidays are an important reminder of the need to protect our digital lives. With the ever-increasing reliance on technology, the importance of cybersecurity has become more critical than ever. Cybersecurity holidays aim to raise awareness of the risks and threats that exist in the digital world, and provide individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves. From World Password Day to Data Privacy Day, these holidays serve as a reminder to prioritize cybersecurity in our daily lives. In this article, we will explore the significance of cybersecurity holidays, and how they can help us stay safe and secure online.

Cybersecurity and Cyber Safety often sound like very serious topics, but, as our lovely Mary Poppins would say: “In every job that must be done, there’s an element of fun.”

One of the ways to make something special is to create a celebration around it. 

Thankfully, there are already Cybersecurity Holidays that you can use to teach cyber safety to your kids and teens.

These cyber holidays provide a theme that you can use to highlight the importance of staying safe online.

7 Cybersecurity Holidays To Celebrate With Your Family

The 7 Most Important Cybersecurity Holidays

Add a piñata, cake, decorations, and confetti, and let’s get this cyber started!

1- Data Privacy Day – January 28th

Data Privacy Day is a cyber holiday celebrated internationally to encourage both individuals and businesses to respect privacy and to safeguard data.

Some ways to celebrate Data Privacy day with little ones is a game of “hide and seek,” finding “hidden words,” or through a scavenger hunt that leads to a secret message.

For older kids, you can go on a shopping date, and make sure to get them a diary or journal and discuss keeping their data safe.

2- Safer Internet Day – 9 February

Safer Internet Day is a worldwide celebration focused on keeping children safe online. The motto for this cyber holiday is “Together for a better internet” and the hashtag is  #SaferInternetDay.

For little ones, you can talk about the word safety and play a safety charades game.

For older kids, you can make up a fun video “safety dance” challenge in your favorite social media platform.

You can accompany this celebration with a healthy snack of popcorn and pizza.

3- World BackUp Day – March 31

You can take the pledge at the World BackUp Day website (http://www.worldbackupday.com/en/) with your family.

Maybe go on a picnic together and after all the food is gone, you can surprise them with your backup!

4- World Password Day, May 7

World Password Day addresses why we all need strong passwords.

The 3 Little Pigs and The Power of a Strong Password, from the Cyber Safety Literacy Series is an ideal gift for little ones and a great coloring activity to do together.

Coming up with declarations with older kids can help them gain confidence, while making their passwords work for them.

5- National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CISA and NCSA ), October

The theme of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is “Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart.”

Last year, I celebrated by being the keynote speaker at Caterpillar’s cybersecurity event, because being a cyber safety corporate trainer is one of my biggest passions.

To celebrate with the kids, you can give stickers to the young ones and prizes or money to the older ones every time they demonstrate they are cyber smart. Of course, it’s not about how much you know, it’s about the actions you take!

6- National Internet Day – October 29

This is a great day to celebrate because many of us didn’t grow up with the Internet. You can tell fascinating stories about life without an Internet connection, what the first Google logo looked like, how old you were when you first heard of Wi-Fi, or what your reaction was to the invention of YouTube.

And because it’s Internet Day, you can practice Cyber Kindness all day long. I think they’ll like the sound of that!

7- International Computer Security Day, November 30

Of course, cyber safety goes beyond Internet usage and etiquette. On International Computer Security Day, you can all make sure the softwares is updated, unnecessary files are deleted, all the anti-virus and anti-malware programs are up and running, and you’ve got a desktop background that rocks!

The 7 Most Important Cyber Safety Holidays

So put on your party hats, bust out your best party clothes, and may the celebrations begin.

Which ideas do you have to celebrate these cyber holidays or Cybersecurity Holidays? Remember to mark these cyber safety holidays on your calendar and prepare for a fun cyber year ahead!

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Live Happily Ever Cyber!

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