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Cyber Tip #5

Fear manifests in different ways for me. I either feel a shortage of breath, palpitations in my heart, butterflies in my belly, or getting extreme redness on my neck and chest. How does fear manifest for you? Maybe it’s perspiration or pupil dilation.

Whenever I start to notice the physiological responses that come with fear, I use a simple, yet powerful technique that I’m inviting you to try

Step 1--- Tell yourself a positive or encouraging statement. Three of my favorites are: “I got this,” “I am not alone,” and “Everything is to my advantage.” Step 2---- Breathe through one nostril, then breathe through the other nostril. This means you will be breathing through one nostril at a time,

Let me demonstrate that for you so you can try it along with me.

This practice reduces my level of stress and anxiety, and then I am ready to face my fear.

Now it’s your turn. Write down the powerful statement you would tell yourself when fear shows up and remember to use your breath!

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok