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Limiting Beliefs

You probably haven’t heard of LimiTECH Beliefs yet. So let’s take a step back to “Limiting Beliefs,” which are the limits we put on ourselves that can stop us from reaching our full potential and achieving what we want.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that limit our ability to achieve goals. They’re often based on experiences from childhood or early adulthood. Some examples include:

– “I’m not smart enough.”

– “I don’t deserve success.”

– “If I fail, it’s my fault.”

– “Others won’t accept me.”

– “No one likes me.”

– “I’m too old/young/fat/thin/ugly/smart/stupid.”

– “I can’t speak or talk. Him/her/they are out of my league.”

And the list goes on and on. Let’s go deeper.

Limiting Beliefs 1

Limiting beliefs limit our ability to live fully; sometimes, we believe these limits without realizing them because we’re operating under some mental filter.

Maybe someone told you as a kid, “you aren’t good at math,” or a boss said to you that “you’re too emotional, lack leadership, or have too much or too little of this or that.” Unfortunately, these beliefs can affect our health, career choices, and relationship success. For example, we might believe that we don’t deserve love because we haven’t done enough to earn it. Or we might think we don’t belong in certain groups because we aren’t smart enough or pretty enough.

I’m not a psychologist or therapist, but I know limiting beliefs firsthand. Many of these limiting beliefs were in my head for a long time. Sometimes they were consciously and evident, while most of the time, they came out during peaks of stress and pressure. They affected my life in many ways, including my health, relationships, and career.

I remember reading the analogy about a baby elephant tied to a fence post. As the baby elephant tugs and pulls, it cannot break the fence or the rope, constantly failing. Eventually, the baby elephant gives up and accepts that it isn’t strong enough and the fence is immovable. Hence, it accepts this as “true.” When the elephant grows up and becomes one of the most powerful animals on the planet, it can easily walk away from the fence if it wants. Still, because of its limiting belief, it remains tied to the fence.

Transformational leaders, coaches, and influencers talk about Limiting Beliefs. Most of them suggest that it becomes easier to change when we begin to understand how our beliefs affect our life. It takes practice and repetition. After that, we start believing more and more in ourselves and results should manifest.

There is one limiting belief we need to talk about, as it can be responsible for most of our technological dislikes and fears. It can be why hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters can steal our information, identities, money, and so much more. It’s a limiting belief right at our fingertips.

What do Limiting Beliefs have to do with technology?

As a woman with a career in technology, it’s expected that I must be a geek or super tech-savvy. For years I had the story in my head that I was not technical enough and that others were much smarter than me. It was so painful. And then becoming a victim of identity theft didn’t help. It took me years to recognize these were limiting beliefs and a long journey to become cyber-savvy and take charge of my technology with a whole new different perspective and belief. The good news for you is that you don’t need to spend years like me. If there are any limiting-technical beliefs, I call them LimiTECH beliefs. I got you covered!

What are LimiTECH beliefs?

LimiTECH beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves related to technology. It can be something like:

– I’m not technical at all

– I can’t ever figure this out. Digital devices are too complicated

– I don’t have the tech gen. My spouse or kids do all the tech at my home.”

– Technology never works for me. It’s so overwhelming

– I’m too old to learn online stuff

– I type too slow

– Oh well, you know, technology never works

And the list goes on and on.

I love this quote from Tony Robbins “The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” When we keep repeating the story about why we dislike technology or aren’t smart, we validate this LimiTECH belief repeatedly.

How can we overcome LimiTECH beliefs?

Limiting beliefs and LimiTECH beliefs can be tricky to discern because they are so ingrained in our mindsets and how we approach our daily lives. The fantastic news is that you can overcome the LimiTECH beliefs. How? By implementing simple practices to change your relationship with technology. When you start developing your confidence and adopting a cyber-savvy mindset, it becomes easy and doable to protect yourself and your family from identity theft, cybercrime, and cyber-attacks.

There are many ways to overcome limiTECH beliefs. The method I’ve used and works best for me is the Be I AM framework. Be Intentional, Aware, and Mindful. Let’s check out the details below:

Be Intentional

The first step to overcoming limiTECH beliefs is deciding to do it and setting an intention for it. When we act on purpose, it is much easier to incorporate simple practices that allow us to relate to technology in a more friendly way. Journaling, affirmations, and cultivating positive thoughts are great tools that help us set intentions. On the practical side, to Be Intentional online means taking one action that can help you protect from cyber threats.

Be I Am

There is an old saying “an apple a day can keep the doctor away.” I love to rephrase it as “a cyber-intention a day can keep Cybermonsters away.” One simple cyber-intention can be rebooting your computer, changing your password, or updating the Apps in your phone. The key is finding ways to make the intention enjoyable using positive language. If you dread taking action on your intention, it could be a sign that the limiTECH belief is still ingrained in you. Keep self-reflecting. You got this!

Be Aware

The second step to remove limiTECH beliefs is to be Aware. Knowing the simple basics about cybersecurity, technology, and the details of your online world will make it easier to build the confidence that knocks out these beliefs. Instead of thinking you aren’t tech-savvy or need others to take care of your technology, you are optimistic and reinforce the belief that you can do it.

Start by educating yourself about who the Cybermonsters are and what they want from you. Then, learn about simple ways to secure your passwords, the difference between phishing and ransomware, and so much more. My Happily Ever Cyber! book series is a fantastic reference to be Aware!

A practical way to be Aware online is to check out if you have been hacked and take action. Check out the website and take one step to protect your information.

Be Mindful

This is the last step to remove limiTECH beliefs, which means that you are fully present when interacting with technology. If you notice yourself feeling angry because your phone didn’t work, you lost a file on your computer, or that zoom or Teams call didn’t connect. Take a deep breath and reframe yourself using a positive statement. For example:

  • “Technology is a tool that enables me to thrive.”
  • “I love my computer and phone. I get so much done with them.”
  • “Practicing cyber safety is easy and keeps my loved ones safe.”
  • “My passwords are much more than just random characters. They protect my money.”
  • “I am smart and cyber-savvy. This is easy, and I love technology.”
Limiting Beliefs

Removing LimiTECH beliefs is possible. The thing is that only you can make that happen. Nobody can do it for you. So, every day, choose to practice to Be I AM. Be Intentional, Aware, and Mindful whether you are online or offline. NOW is your time to take charge of your cyber safety and protect what matters most against hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters while changing your relationship with technology.

You can do it! Be I AM. Be I AM Now!

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Live Happily Ever Cyber!

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