3 Ways to Keep Adware Viruses At Bay

Do you know what Malvertising is?

The word Malvertising is a combination of Malware and Advertising. Cybermonsters will try to  infect ads on websites to spread malware to your computer or mobile devices. Malvertising could appear as abrupt alerts, tickling offers, banners, or pop-up ads. Read more on What is Malvertising? And 3 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Malvertising

Adware viruses come from malvertising strategies. Cybermonsters buy ad space on trustworthy websites to gain your confidence, and get you to click, but these ads could redirect you to malicious websites, or automatically install the malware on your device. 

3 Ways to Keep Adware Viruses At Bay

These adware viruses contain unwanted software that will throw ads onto your computer or web browser randomly. They may appear in the form of pop-ups or new tabs that open automatically. 

It’s kind of like a pest control issue. Adware is very persistent, and no matter how much you try to get rid of it, it keeps coming back. However, there are still things you can do to stay safe from these dangers and exterminate them.

Here are 3 ways you can keep adware at bay:

Number One - Happily Ever Cyber - Sandra Estok, CybersecurityKeep your systems and programs updated. Most adware issues happen with buggy programs that are outdated. Outdated software creates holes that allow pesky Cybermonsters to crawl in and lay traps.

Number Two - Happily Ever Cyber - Sandra Estok, CybersecurityAdjust the settings of your browser. You can block pop-ups automatically by going to your browser settings, and even choose options that prevent files from being downloaded automatically or links opening. 

Number Three - Happily Ever Cyber - Sandra Estok, CybersecurityLastly, you can enable a firewall on your computer to block out unwanted content. This can not only keep you safe, but also your family. You don’t want your kids to be exposed to compromising media or Cybermonsters.

Adware Viruses

With these tips, you can make sure that adware stays away, and always be aware of your virtual surroundings. Just because something sounds funny or entertaining, validate the source of your programs and resist the temptation to install unknown software. These practices can save you a ton of headaches.

Have you ever encountered adware?

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