3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family from Cybermonsters


3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family from CybermonstersTM

When it comes to family, I know from personal experience we would do ANYTHING to protect them.

But, what happens when a hacker, scammer, or Cybermonster decides to attack the people you love the most?  

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to reduce the chances of our families becoming victims of Cybercrime and Identity theft.

As a former victim of identity theft, I know that when we begin new practices  and change our basic habits, we can succeed on our journey to live Happily Ever Cyber!

The actions we can take to protect ourselves can easily be incorporated into our family’s daily lives: when we travel, when we use phones, emails or social media.

You may be thinking  cybersecurity is too complicated to teach, or that you don’t have the time, or that it isn’t necessary because your family hasn’t been scammed… yet! It can happen to anyone, even to your family!

It’s absolutely essential to begin educating our significant others, children, and loved ones in protecting what matters most now. After all, cyber attacks happen every 39 seconds!

In order to start your family’s journey, I’ve put together the 3 simple steps to protect OUR family from Cybermonsters™:

  • Outline your cyber family landscape
  • Understand the Cybermonsters™
  • Resolve to protect them!

Outline your cyber family landscape  

In order to safeguard your family,  you need to understand the reality of the problem and the potential risks that hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters™ bring, but before you do so, it is important to outline and list what they are using when connecting to the cyber world.

  • Set a time to set boundaries, discuss what could happen, and why prevention is important.
  • Understand the Cybermonsters™
  • Understand who is behind data breaches, identity theft and cybercrime.
  • Resolve to protect them!  

We protect our families on a daily basis. When we go to the park and there are mosquitos everywhere, you take out your insect repellent, we apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn or use an umbrella when it is raining. We also advise our kids not to accept gifts from a stranger. In the same way, we need to protect them from Cybermonsters™.  Start with the simple step to set the family rule to never give personal information (passwords, account numbers, SSN, etc.) to anyone who asks for it online (or offline!).  

These 3 simple steps can make such a difference and they will save your family from the potential dangers of the Cyber ocean, as I like to call it.
Your family is  a top priority, and I am here to be your guide, and provide you with the guidance, tools and details you need to live Happily Ever Cyber!

Which steps are you taking to protect your family online? Share with us below!

Live Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok, CEO and Founder of Way2Protect | Happily Ever Cyber!

Sandra Estok

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8 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family from Cybermonsters”

  1. makes sense, kids these days treat online world even more serious than outside world, so best to make sure they are aware of potential dangers and understand to never give personal information online , much like never to speak to a stranger on a street

  2. the joyous living

    thanks for putting this post together. it is scary how many forms still request your social security number. handwritten on paper. it’s like – gosh are you asking to have your info stolen?

  3. Marie Phillips

    I have several lines of security but still fear the cybermonsters are going to get past it. They seem to be one step ahead of tech all the time! So far so good, though.

  4. Thanks for all the tips. This is so relevant because everything now is online or digital. It matters to be protected.

  5. Jessica Collazo

    I had a stalker once who hire a hacker just to harass me. This stalker harass me for 1 year and a half and then stop, two years later came back to harass me and I confronted her and she stopped sometimes stalkers are bullies

  6. katrina Kroeplin

    those are great tips. we def need to talk to our kids these days about what to share and what not to share

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