3 Essential Steps You Can Take to Increase Your Cyber Safety

What is cyber-Safety? What is the importance of cyber-safety? and what are the 3 Essential Steps You Can Take to Increase Your Cyber Safety? learn from Sandra Estok

In 2005, when my family relocated to the United States, my employer was in charge of arranging our temporary housing. Phillis was helping us find our new home. We communicated back and forth via email, and when she asked me about the most important features I needed in a house, I replied without hesitation: “I need the house to be secure and the doors to have a strong protection mechanism. “

We arrived at our home and to my surprise, the condo had a simple door knob. In Phillis’s mind that was the protection mechanism or lock that I needed. 

However, when I saw the door, my heart started to race – I couldn’t imagine myself living in a house without at least 4 locks! 

Having a heavy metal plate and bars was the norm in my country of origin, Venezuela, and sometimes that wasn’t even enough to stop someone from breaking into your house or kidnapping you, which had happened to me once. 

The pursuit of security and safety has been a top priority in my life. 

What is cyber safety

As I reflect on this story, Phillis’ definition of “safe” was very different from mine, we both interpreted security based on our own system of reference. 

Security or safety is the state of being and feeling free from danger or a threat, being safe, being protected from harm. 

This is no different in the cyber world, we all have different levels or frame of references for what cybersecurity is. 

A particular industry, business or individual might have a very different approach and priorities when it comes to cybersecurity. 

In some cases it isn’t until we become victims that we start to pay attention to our cyber safety and we realize how precious it is.

My mission is to help you integrate cybersecurity and cyber safety practices in your daily routines to prevent harm from happening to you, your family and your business. 

There are many things we can do in a proactive manner to decrease our risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. 

Here are 3 essential steps you can take to increase your cyber safety:

  1. Be Intentional on how you use your technology, the kind of information you share, and what you click on. Do everything with a purpose and a goal in mind. 
  2. Be Aware of where you are online, the downloads you make, the type of websites you visit, and how you use passwords. Don’t zone out when making an important online decision, like making a purchase. 
  3. Be Mindful when you use your computer, phone and electronic devices. Staying present when scrolling or posting on social media, answering the phone or giving your personal information on a website can make a huge difference in your cyber safety.

What practices have you incorporated to practice cyber safety? Share with us below!

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